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You hired the right people and set clear objectives. How did the project go off track? More importantly, how can you get it back on track. Team coaching rapidly uncovers the hidden motivations and unspoken contracts that cause friction within teams. Unlike individual coaching, I get to the core of group and interpersonal dynamics. As a professional with both extensive training and executive experience, I also bring in the structures for formal project management and success, but the core of my work is with the people and their interactions with one another. Through this interactive on-site process, we resolve the core issues, make shifts in  and resolving those issues. Your teams will not only get back on track within days or weeks, but the employees will enjoy their day-to-day interactions with one another, making your workplace not only efficient, but joyful.

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Do you have a problem manager?

Often, you know you have a “problem” manager, but you can’t replace them, either because of their domain expertise, or because a switch would negatively effect critical deadlines. Instead of putting up with low effectiveness, staff complaints, and attrition, call me for a free consultation and I’ll help you get to the root of the problem and give you a simple plan to resolve the issues that are specific to your team.

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Effective teams combine various talents and capabiliies. Getting people of different disciplines on the same page is crucial for innovation and effectiveness.


Even  if your office is local, you probably have team members from different cultures, backgrounds, and nationalities. Optimizing communication makes teams effective and fun.

Fun? Really?

If you want people who are willing to go the extra mile, fun has to be part of the working environment. Plus, wouldn’t you rather work with happy people?

Rebecca Rachmany brings 25 years of hands-on management of teams and cross-team cooperation in organizations large and small, including virtual teams spread throughout the world, teams in startups from 5 to 50 people, and teams in multi-nationals such as Alcatel-Lucent and Verint. She has served as a mentor at Microsoft Ventures and given training to entrepreneurs and executives alike. Her training includes an Executive MBA from Kellogg Northwestern, as well as Anthony Robbins Mastery University and Business Mastery, and Landmark Worldwide’s Team, Management, and Leadership Program.

Her international experience includes working with organizations in North America, Israel, and London, as well as with multi-national teams spanning the globe. She has served as the CEO of successful service businesses serving mutinationals such as Cisco, Microsoft, Verint, and Vasco, and founded or co-founded half a dozen companies. She is active in her community, volunteering and mentoring locally as well as establishing international organizations addressing today’s most pressing global problems.

Rebecca is a highly skilled, motivated problem-solver.  I can highly recommend Rebecca as a team leader, creative thinker and organizer of effective action. She motivates with grace, experience and humor.

Nathan Otto

CEO, Holometrica

Rebecca is an incredibly gifted solver. She can take any team or group of people and correctly identify what is preventing success, what is needed for success and how to forge the road between the problem or situation and the solution.

Miriam Lottner


FREE 90-Minute Consultaiton

Are we even right for one another? I only work with clients for whom I can promise results. In this 90-minute consultaiton, we’ll discuss the issues at your company and you will receive individual coaching as an executive of where the root problem is, and how you can make shifts immediately in handling the underperforming team. From this consultaiton, we will know if we’re a fit and if you’d like to go on to the Roadmapping stage.

2-Day Roadmapping

I spend two days on-site with individuals and teams on your project, diagnosing the areas where the team is stuck and working with individuals to restore motivation and joy into their work. You receive a full report of the issues to address and a roadmap of how to address them, either on your own, with your in-house HR, or by contracting me for a longer-term “Back on Track” project.

Back on Track

If you’d just like me to get your team back on track, you’ll take the full-service project outlined in the 2-day consultaitons. Back on Track runs 2-6 weeks, with me working directly with your team on site 1-3 days per week. I continue a weekly coaching call with key executives for up to 6 months to ensure lasting change in the team performance.

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