The Person Who Solves this Will Be a Billionaire

Need I say more? 

This is a real picture from the office of a customer, but it could be my living room, your home office or pretty much anywhere. At home I have 4 laptops, 3 mobile devices, an iPod and a tablet. It seems the more wireless devices I own, the more wires I need.

And no, a docking station isn’t a good enough solution. Look at this!  Plus look at your desk. Right behind the docking station. You can’t fit anything on your desk because it’s full of all these wires, unless it’s one of those fancy desks where you stick everything down a hole in the corner of the desk.

And then there’s the power cord problem. I just bought a “universal” power supply for laptops. You know, the one with a set of little caps of different sizes that you put at the end of the cord, depending on which laptop you have. It doesn’t work well with any laptop, but it at least passes with some.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the cable collection we all have stashed in a drawer or closet somewhere. When we need a cord, we go through the collection of cords and adapters that have no parent, hoping they attach properly to the electronic item we’re holding. It’s like a pile of old keys. Just throw them out already.

Peeps, listen. All of these cords plug into the same thing in my wall. Can’t we make the other end universal too?

So, let’s hear it. Who has a solution?


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