How to Get Repeat Visits to Your Web Site

Have something to say.

That’s the whole thing. People will return to your web site if you have something to say. They won’t come to check out the same static pages they saw last week.

The trick is having something to say. Iris Shoor gives some great tips on having something to say here. This is a great start, but the bottom line is that you need to actually use your brain to think. Keeping up with industry trends is a start, but in order to express your opinion, you actually have to have one.

One of our biggest gripes about company sites is that the “blog” is nothing more than a bunch of product announcements and press releases. That information is important, and a blog is a great way to publish, but it’s not a substitute for having something to say.

From my perspective, there are two main ways to drive more traffic and sales. The first is to pay for advertising and promotion. The other is to develop a long-term strategy where you provide valuable content. Valuable, by the way, doesn’t have to be serious. I consider it extremely valuable to laugh, so funny is as good as informative.

Long-term value is much more important when you have a product that people don’t buy routinely or at first glance.

Being interesting isn’t hard, but it is extremely time-consuming. It means keeping up with your industry, and having an opinion about what is happening. Even re-posting important information in your industry requires taking the time to read through the industry news and hand-pick interesting pieces.

If you are looking to outsource social media presence, don’t choose a social media expert. Your teenager is now a social media expert. What you need is a content expert. Choose someone who can understand your industry, keep up with trends, ask your staff intelligent questions, and write interesting commentary both on your blog and as a response to other people’s posts. This should be someone who you trust to have good judgment and represent the face of your company.

You’ll need to make sure that they either post in your name, or make it clear they are representing the company if you want to drive traffic back to yourself. (In other words, don’t lie and pretend they are unaffiliated when they are. You want to take credit for being smart, and you don’t want to lie to your customers.)

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