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That’s what people are telling me.baloonHead

Yes, I took that first bold step and asked my clients, my competitors and colleagues for feedback on what to improve in 2013, and the bottom line was that my branding is non-existent and that my “voice” in the blog can come off as abrasive.

The truth hurts.

Well, the part where people were incredibly satisfied with the quality and speed of my work didn’t hurt. Neither did the part where my competitor said I was one of two writers of my caliber in the country.

When I started the blog, I thought, let’s see where it goes and then I’ll brand it. The results have been fun! I got to write whatever I wanted, almost. But it didn’t just brand itself. The time has come!

In the next month, this is what you can expect:

  • A new look and feel for this site! It will stay a blog, but I will enrich the information about me.
  • Free stuff!!!! I’m working on a report outlining best practices and pitfalls for both bootstrapped startups and tech companies with a bigger budget. You’ll be able to use this tool as a basis for a marketing plan. Yes, I’ll even be including budgeting information! (If you want to be sure to get the report, put your name in that e-mail box on the right, and I’ll notify you when it’s out.)
  • Abrasiveness and humor! I could write a marketing blog in a professional, non-offensive tone. I could write any blog in fact, it’s my job to write other people’s blogs. But this is my blog, and if you want a great marketing blog in a professional tone of voice, there are hundreds of blogs you can read. This is my authentic voice and my inner bitch says: bark.
  • Official launch of my 24-hour and 48-hour marketing writing services. My first 3 customers are thrilled with this service. I guarantee turnaround of every draft of any piece of work within 24 or 48 hours (depending on urgency/price/size/contract).
  • Fixed prices. Zero risk to you as a customer. You know what you get, exactly the price, no matter how much time it takes me. Eliminate budget worry and inconvenience of hourly rates.

Also, take a look at my main marketing lessons for 2013, taken from my experience as a partner at the Microsoft Accelerator. 

You can expect me to be writing fewer words, not necessarily on this blog, but in my professional work.

I want to do more for you, so I’ll also be

  • Trying out video and podcasting.
  • Putting into place a “blog as if I were…” challenge, where I’ll do a series on different topics in different technology areas, to show some different writing styles and areas where you might be interested in seeing more blogs. (I’m taking requests — what technology do you challenge me to write about?)

What do you want to see in 2013 on this blog? What are your big marketing questions?  Comment below or in the social media.

This year’s going to be awesome!

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