How to Market on a Bootstrap Budget

Last week I heard a true marketing master, Sarit Harel, speak about technology marketing. She opened with the observation that technology startups have a tendency to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on development, and then come to her saying they need to market their product on a very limited

In fact, she pointed out that often they haven’t done extensive thinking about who the user is, and discussed the importance of profiling the customer. Customer profiling is the first low-cost (but time-consuming) activity that every startup must do. How can you even design a product if you don’t interview your customers to find out what would work?

Assuming you know your customer and have made a fantastic product, what do you do next on your bootstrap technology budget?

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The cheat sheet gives you a table with best practices, pitfalls and estimated out-of-pocket costs for marketing activities.

Use it to consider all the different marketing tactics and how they would be relevant to your audience. If you’re doing the marketing yourself, it’s a great guide for you. If you’re trying to consider what kind of marketing person to hire, it gives some ideas.

I put this together with startup entrepreneurs in mind.  Enjoy. It’s free.

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