Just keep going is my new motto.

Credit to Randi Pertiet, http://www.flickr.com/photos/34652102@N04/

It started innocently enough. I didn’t have time to go to the gym, so I went for a run. As I got to the place where I usually turn around, I realized, I wasn’t so tired. I could keep going. So I kept going. As I was headed home, I realized, actually, if I wanted, I could keep going. I was pretty tired, but I could just keep going.  That was when I realized I had run out of excuses of why I would do theWomen’s Triathlon “some day” but not this time

I’ve been training for a 3.5 kilometer charity-raising swim for some time now, and it’s something of a miracle for me, because when I was in high school, I was told that my RSI from swimming would prevent me from ever swimming again. About 4 years ago, when I did the Landmark Forum, I realized that, for 25 years, I had just accepted that as truth, and in fact, I had not done a single thing about it. I had since grown up, heard of all kinds of alternative methods, medicine itself had advanced, and I was aware of people who had overcome even more serious diseases. But I had just accepted this truth and done nothing.

That was when I started to “Just Keep Going” (remember? that’s the title of this post). I won’t bore you with the long list of everything I tried. I will highly recommend power lifting to everyone. You probably won’t bulk up as much as I do, don’t worry. Anyway. when my friend asked me to join her in the swim (details of the swim and sponsorship here), I said, well, let me see if I can swim. I got in a pool the next week (after buying a swim suit and cap), swam until I was bored stiff, got out of the water, and felt fine. Felt fine the next day. Said “yes”.

It took a super long time to find something to fix my shoulders. But I just kept going. I found something. And I don’t know if I can really go the whole 3.5 kilometers, but I’ve done 2.5, so I figure I can just keep going. And I definitely don’t know if I can do the triathlon. I definitely can do each part separately, and probably 2 of the 3. I might end up walking the last few kilometers. But I can finish. If I Just Keep Going. (Find out how it went in my next blog post, The Fat Lady Sings.)

I’ve been working on Gangly Sister for 3 years now, which seems to or embarrassingly long. I made a video which did well, but not well enough to fund the next ones or for me to take the money we raised on Indigogo. We created 3 comic books which are excellent, and sales that are less than excellent. We have interest from some animation companies to make a TV series. It will happen any day now.

Many times along the way I’ve been upset and frustrated and felt like giving up. Many times I thought some other person was to blame for screwing something up or dragging their feet or whatever else.  And many times I have thought of how many times I have laughed at software development houses for not making version release times. Ah, the arrogance of me.

My new motto has really given me new energy. Just Keep Going. It’s not the world’s most glorious thing, you know, not really swimming the whole way across the Sea of Galilee, just a bit. Or just doing the Sprint, not the REAL Triathlon. Or making cartoon characters that inspire girls to pursue STEM.

But all of those are fun goals. Goals I love. Goals I can achieve. Today’s goals. Goals that take me to the next level. Goals that serve not only myself, but others around me. And they aren’t easy, actually. They are in reach, and they require only one thing.

Just Keep Going.