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Why Free Stuff?


 It’s crazy. I get inspired to make sutff and give it to you for free. In addition to the Blog, which I update with text, here you’ll find video courses, webinars, and ebooks that I’ve put together for you to enjoy free. Why? Because David Meerman Scott told me to, and he’s doing OK as far as I can tell. He’s definitely smiling every time I see him, so that counts for something.

The Underperforming Manager

Have you hired or promoted someone who seemed to be the right person, but somehow, the team just isn’t performing well? Or maybe they are still performing, but the staff is unhappy and complainng to you? Here’s a new approach to the problem that can help you… plus a BONUS for watching.  Get the fre webinar by clicking below now!

Three Days to More Freedom in Business

So many of us go into business in order to get more income and more freedom, but it doesn’t always turn out that way. As we grow our business, the skills we need to stay in business and grow are different than the ones we needed when it was just us and one or two staff members. In just three 15-minute modules you can get your freedom back. Plus, a Bonus!!!! Click below.