Why do people have so much trouble describing their business? Is there a better way than just telling people your profession? In this video I describe the 2 elements to making your pitch clear and interesting.

  • Who is the customer?
  • What value do you give to the customer?


In the video, I give a few examples and here’s one more from the experience I had at Women Entrepreneurs Week in Zurich. One women was creating a marketplace to connect interior designers with homeowners. Although that’s pretty clear, it doesn’t speak about the value or exactly what she’s providing. When we went through the value she discovered that she is providing two things. 1. For top interior designers, an easy way to display and share their portfolio, as well as a way to get new customers. 2. For new homeowners a place where they can compare interior designers, get ideas, and find the design products that are available in their local country. (It turned out that many other sites exist, but when they were looking for a product, they would find out quickly that in Albania they couldn’t buy it, so the search wasted their time.)

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